Climbing Kilimanjaro for a fantastic cause

Oct 14th, 2019

We’ve been excited to share this wonderful story for some time now. Last month (September), loyal customer, Gethin Wilkinson took his love for Miss Millies’ to all new heights as he scaled 5895 meters up Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Africa for Great Western Air Ambulance. All of this, in none other than one of our traditional Miss Millie’s hats!

Before Gethin set off for Tanzania, he visited our Gloucester Road store to pick up some hats and also a bit of “fuel” (none other than a complementary Chicken-In-A-Bun meal!).

gethin pre millies meal

As Gethin, colleague Joe and the other 6 members of the team fundraising for the Great Western Ambulance ascended, there were these fantastic pictures taken at each checkpoint with the trusty Millie’s hat in each of them, the local guides even asked to sport the headgear.

Gethin and the team/porters at the Mweka Camp, just over halfway down the mountain

Kilimanjaro-Day-3-Camp-Miss Millies
Another camp pit stop with all of the team

Each morning before continuing up towards the summit, all hands went in together and on ‘1, 2, 3 – MILLI-KILLI’ was chanted by the team and guides as well as throughout the day.

After 4 and a half days of incredibly challenging hiking, Gethin and the some of the team (unfortunately the 3 other members of our team were unable to reach the summit due to the effects of altitude), managed to reach Uhuru Peak, the summit of Kilimanjaro and the highest point in Africa.

Gethin at the Kilimanjaro summit with his Miss Millie’s hat
The fantastic Great Western Air Ambulance team at the summit, Gethin still repping the headgear

This therefore certainly means that Gethin now certainly holds the record for the highest altitude a Miss Millie’s hat has ever been worn! He also, managed to get through quite a few hats, and one of their porters was more than happy to take one off him! Gethin did a fantastic job raising money for the charity with over £4,000 raised by Gethin alone! We also went to visit the team earlier in the week to present a donation from Miss Millies Fried Chicken of £531!

Gethin & Joe with Carl Trial (Managing Director) & Kate Ostrowski from Miss Millie’s

Thanks for being such a fantastic, loyal customer, Gethin! We look forward to seeing you in G’road or one of the stores again very soon. Or even hearing about your next record-breaking Millie’s challenge.

Kilimanjaro? More like Milliemanjaro!

Gethin victorious with his certificate of Kilimanjaro completion, and of course, the Millie’s hat still going strong