Hello Yate, you’ve been expecting us…

Jul 10th, 2020

The new Miss Millie’s – Awesome Chicken restaurant at Yate Shopping Centre is now officially open to the public!

Another BRAND NEW store truly marks the new era of Millie’s (following Weston’s move and upgrade in March) with a new brand look, digital menu screens and kiosks all installed in the stores. We’re so excited to have Yate open this week after a delayed period on production and opening dates being shifted due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Shopping centres, neighbours and friends of the business got to help test staff last week x

Carl Traill, Managing Director of Millie’s said: “We are delighted to finally open our new shiny store at Yate shopping centre. A special mention to all the fantastic fitters, suppliers, managers and staff who have all been working safely and have helped us to open up amongst these different times. We have been completely inundated by customers wanting to try our awesome chicken and we will also be starting our home delivery service in the next couple of weeks. For now, we’d love to see you at our new store, safely and following all social distancing guidelines”

Miss Millie’s finally arrives in Yate x

The new store in Yate is our 9th in the South West with a view to continuing to grow and open more around this area as well as returning to the awesome Cardiff where we loved being before.

Thanks to everyone who has been visiting the Yate store since its opened and we’re delighted to have seen so many of you already. As you can understand, we are still adjusting to the new surroundings, staff are finding their feet in new roles and we are doing the best we can to make the Millies Yate experience an awesome one.

The first ever paying customers sit down to eat in the new Millie’s Yate restaurant x

We’d love to hear about all your experiences with the new store and you can share those on our new feedback page, simply select your order option and let us know through there. We’ll strive to respond to you and we aim to constantly improve the Miss Millie’s service in Yate and all stores.