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The Story Of Miss Millies

Harry Latham and Ray Allen open the first fried chicken store in the UK, in Preston, Lancashire.

Harry and his daughters create the new brand for their stores. Named in honour of Colonel Sander’s daughter Mildred, a good friend of the family. Mildred, affectionately known as Millie was known for her distinctive glasses.

With the launch of new branding and packaging Miss Millie’s launch a unique chicken seasoning created by Colonel Sander’s grandson

Miss Millie’s launch the ‘Good Neighbours’ awards scheme to reward community projects in the South West.

Mildred Sanders, the inspiration behind our name, visits the UK, touring stores and presents the ‘Good Neighbour’ award

The changing face of Miss Millie’s. Over the last few years the face of Miss Millie’s has seen quite a bit of change.

Miss Millie’s is one of the first adopters of home delivery

The family sell the business. Its new owners keen to keep the traditions, standards and signature flavours Miss Millie’s had become famous for in the South West

Miss Millie’s fans enjoy their first dine in restaurant with two new stores opening.

The start of Miss Millie’s world domination, opening its first store outside the South West. Plus Miss Millie’s lands on your mobile

New menu, new brand and new store design drops…… it’s so clucking tasty

Plus Miss Millie’s flies into petrol stations, so you can fuel up your car and your belly with our awesome chicken

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The Next Era
Why did the chicken cross the road? CLUCK KNOWS!